Recursos para la certificaci贸n de AWS

Hello, I sharing links about digital material for training with relation the certification official AWS.

馃敯 Official page AWS - Training and certification

馃敯 AWS Digital Training

馃敯 AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

馃寪 Certificaciones de AWS Certification disponibles

馃寪 https://aws.amazon.com/es/certification/

馃寛 AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (segunda edici贸n)

馃寛 https://aws.amazon.com/es/training/course-descriptions/cloud-practitioner-essentials/

馃対 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training 2020 - Full Course

馃対 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hLmDS179YE

馃専 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Wiki

馃専 https://aws-certified-cloud-practitioner.fandom.com/wiki/AWS_Certified_Cloud_Practitioner_Wiki

Others links recommended:

馃尀 AWS Pricing Overview

馃尀 http://d1.awsstatic.com/whitepapers/aws_pricing_overview.pdf

馃尀 AWS Free Tier

馃寴 How does AWS pricing work?

馃寴 https://aws.amazon.com/pricing/

馃寫 AWS Pricing Calculator


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